Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Dave Ross wrote to tell me about his print and play game Euronimoes, which is in its third and final edition (hasn't required any updates in 4 years).

Print and play games are great for time when you are stuck at home, because they: are craft projects (sometimes minimally), free, and usually light, simple, and family-oriented.

Euronimoes fits the bill, as a Euro-style pattern building game, which requires only one or two sets of Dominoes (0-6) and a few poker chips for each player, and the free rules from his site.

On each turn, you take a Domino into your hand, either from a "market" or the draw pile, and then play one from your hand into your personal pattern space (see the above figure, for example). Dominoes in the market cost -1 (you gain a chip) up to 3 chips, while taking a random Domino always gives you 1 chip.

Columns in your space must always form runs up or down (if touching), and you score the lowest tile in each run; lowest score in the end wins. There is also an option to build upwards and take off more points from your score.

That's about it; details are in the free rules.

Codenames Online

We have been playing Codenames remotely with family and friends at https://www.horsepaste.com/ .

The spymasters view the board with the relevant words highlighted, which is actually easier than looking back and forth at a mapping card. The other players click on a box when they want to guess a word.

You need some other means of communicating open at the same time, as you play.

There are some other sites that also have working versions of the game, none of them official. The site of the game publishers https://codenamesgame.com/ indicates that they are working on providing an official version of the game.