Thursday, June 18, 2009

Solo Anagrams

Drawn 7 Scrabble tiles and make a 7 letter word. You can swap any 1 tile, and can swap up to 3 times. Score = (values on all tiles - 7) x (4 - the number of swaps you made).

Yesterday evening I ran out the door to catch a bus arranged to take members of our community to a wedding in Afula. I had to grab a game but didn't have time to think what to grab. Should have taken a deck of cards, I guess. I grabbed my bag of Scrabble tiles. I guess I thought we could play Anagrams on the bus, but it wasn't the kind of bus with any flat surfaces. So I invented this and played by myself until twilight fell.

At the hall I Youtubed videos of early Bob, Joni, and Judy, as well as some Flight of the Conchords, to watch on the way back.

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