Thursday, February 25, 2010

Session Report, in which they play and enjoy Cuba

The latest Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club session report is up. Games played: David & Goliath, Cuba + expansions.

First of three game sessions that I'm in the US.

Oxford Gaming Club

Tuesday night I played Magic at the Miami University of Oxford strategy gaming club, which is typically 5 to 10 Magic players, an RPG group, and occasional other strays playing heavy fantasy or horror games, such as Starcraft or Fury of Dracula.

My first game was a three-way: you need to deal 10 points of damage against both of your opponents, each of which has a separate life counter against you. Once you do 20 points, the opponent can still attack you, but you can't (and need not) deal any more damage to him. If a player is dealt 20 points each from both opponents, he is out of play. Otherwise, the first player to deal 20 damage to each opponent wins.

The above was my suggestion. I used a deck from another player (Phil Konkle) at another table. It was heavy on the landfall bonuses, but had no extra method of gaining lands into your hand, which seemed odd. Nevertheless, I was lucky with my land pick and so did well enough to toast both opponents before either could deal me any damage. Actually, what helped most was that my RHO with a burn deck was specifically concentrating on my LHO with an elf deck, and rightfully so. Elf decks are ridiculously powerful if they get off the ground.

In the second game, we played EDH, which is 100 card decks, no repeats, and "generals". A general is a card you can cast at any time, and when it is killed or removed from the game, you can cast him again with a +2 casting cost penalty for each time he is removed.

This game was slower. My deck had a cute three card combo. 1) Several creatures or cards gave me multiple token creatures. 2) Then I had an artifact that made all of my creatures +1/+1 and invulnerable, so long as I sacrificed a creature each round. 3) And then I had one creature that came into play with 2 +1/+1 counters for each creature I sacrificed when I brought it into play, and pumped out a 1/1 creature token each round for each +1/+1 counter it had on it. Ouch.

Unfortunately, I got out the first two cards, but LHO destroyed my artifact before I could play the third one on the next round. I still played it, but it got destroyed immediately.

RHO gained dominance for a while, but LHO and I took out some of his stuff, and I regained dominance. In the end, I brought out a creature that pumped out a 1/1 colored creature for each permanent already in play of any one color. Unless I read that wrong, this grows at 2^n speed and quickly dominates(d) the game. It was my game, unless something else happened, but we had to end early when Phil needed to take his decks home.

In addition to Magic, I tried a 3-player game of DD Mau, which was sent to me by the publisher to review. I only played one hand, which is not a complete game, so I don't feel qualified to review it, yet. The first game played like UNO, as I expected that it would, but the scoring options look like they may add some welcome complexity to the game. The rules - both the mechanics and the instructions for these mechanics - for some of the special power cards are somewhat obtuse, and added needless complexity to the game. So we'll see.

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