Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Gaming

Nadine hosted gamers for shabbat lunch, and we played some games afterward.


I expressed interest in a complete game of Tichu, rather than some mid-length board game.

I played with Tal for the first half, and then Nadine became my partner for the second half. Our opponents were Abraham and Adam; Adam was somewhat less skilled in the game.

Tal left when we were up 495 to 5. Two rounds after Nadine joined us, we were tied 550 to 550. However, Nadine and I once again took the lead and kept it until the end.

Twice Adam called Tichu and then I called Tichu right after. Both times, I made my call (and obviously he didn't). Abraham called and made one Grand Tichu, but then I did the same on the next round. On the last round, with the score 570 to 930 (us), Abraham bid one more Grand Tichu. I bid Tichu right after, and again I made mine.

I had some pretty good hands.

Stone Age

Meanwhile, Emily, Eitan, Sara, and Shani played Stone Age. Either Eitan was convinced he was winning, or Sara managed to convince everyone that he was winning. But in fact, Sara ended up winning by over 30 points.

After this game, Adam, Abraham, Sara, Eitan, and Emily went off to Abraham's house to continue playing.

Elvish Dogs Game

I didn't actually play this, but one of my friends from Sweden had it sitting on her shelf. It's a Hungry Hungry Hippos clone.

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Avraham Grief said...

We all played Ticket To Ride (The Mega Game variant) at our (Sara and I) apartment. First plays for Adam, Eitan, and Emily. I won by a good margin, Sara came in 2nd, and I don't remember the finishing order for the other players.

I gave a couple of strategy tips at the beginning, but I didn't give the strategy tip of "one way to win is to complete big tickets." I was the only player to complete multiple high-value tickets.

Everyone enjoyed the game. All players could feel the tension of potentially having their routes blocked, except perhaps Adam, who spent the first half of the game building on the West Coast by himself. There were also a few funny moments: Emily pointing out that the humming of our fridge sounded like a train, and the time that I grabbed a card, followed by Sara reaching to grab a card before I even had a chance to grab a second card, followed by Sara accusing me of playing too slowly, and finishing with Eitan's "slocomotive" pun that he had been dying to find a use for.