Friday, September 24, 2010

Board Game Blog World Roundup

Yes more board game blogs, old and new, I have recently noted or rediscovered. See my sidebar for the current list of all regularly updating and active board game blogs.

A Game Comment Journal - Gerald "Linnaeus" Cameron, Nova Scotia, Canada. Also blogs at My Play.

Board Game Reviews - Monsieur Lapin, Calgary, Alberta.

Die Meeple Die - Alan Gaskell, Lancashire, UK. Reviews.

Forest of Games - James, Lincoln, NE. Reviews.

Game On! - Podcast out of OR, a different podcast than Game On!

Gameopolis - Podcast by Mark and Jeff.

Here Be Gamers! - Podcast by Marty and Nathan.

Inspiration to Publication - Jay Cormier, New Westminster, BC. Game design notes.

JP's Gaming Blog - Omaha, NE.

Nevermore Games Blog - Bryan Fischer and Corey Phillips company blog. Design notes.

Ninja vs Pirates - Company podcast with game designer interviews.

Point 2 Point - Jason and Scott. Probably the premier war game podcast.

The Adventuring Party - Shane, humbug, Liam and Cillian podcast.

The All Things Fun! Podcast - Ed Evans, Wes & Jess podcast.

The Board Broad - Shelda, Lincoln, NE. A woman's perspective.

The Game of the Day - Bryan Gahagan, Lincoln, NE. Movie and game reviews.

The Gaming Gang - Jeff McAleer, Elliott Miller, James Engelhardt. Reviews and more.

The How to Play Podcast - Ryan Sturm, Lancaster, NY. podcast on instructional subjects.

The Little Metal Dog Show - Michael Fox, Milton Keynes, Bucks, UK. Podcast.

This Week in Wargaming - Ken and Troy podcast on war games.

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