Sunday, November 21, 2010

Session Report, in which we play La Citta for 4 hours

The latest Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club session report is up. Games played: Nile, La Citta.

Yeah, four hours for La Citta. We enjoyed it, thought we also remembered its (non-fatal) flaws.

This shabbat we said farewell (again) to our friends Bill and Shirley who are going back to the US for a year. Nadine hosted 21 people for shabbat lunch, after which we played.

I taught Homesteaders to Cliff, Mace, and Adam. Still one of my favorite games. The final scores were me 63, Mace 43, Adam 41, Cliff 34 (or something like that), but the others still really liked the game. Though I won by a landslide, I still feel like I'm not playing anywhere near optimally. I took both 10 point buildings, though I took five debt to do so; I only managed to pay off two of those debt at the end of the game.

Other games played include Castle Panic, Race for the Galaxy, and Ticket to Ride.

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