Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Gaming

I hosted Abraham and Sarah for shabbat, two of our members who moved away about 6 months ago. We played Set a few times. It was Sara's first play, and she did pretty well.

They and I and one of my dinner guests played Anagrams, kind of a linguistic version of Set, I suppose. It's odd, but in these types of games I don't feel any need to keep or count score. Though you're playing against the speed and skill of the other players, every match made is its own victory; there doesn't need to be any kind of overall victory at the end of the game. Or even an end of the game.

At Nadine's the following day, Mace, Shachar, Eitan, Emily, and I played Carson City. It was our first five player game, and the first play for Shcachar, Eitan, and Emily. I thought it would be even better than 4 player, but 4 and 5 player are about equally good. 3 player is also still nice, but not as tense; perhaps if each player had 2 extra pawns it might feel a little tenser. Eitan won.

Afterwards, Mace, Shachar, and I played Tobago. First play for both of them. Shachar won. He had an early lead. Though I caught up, it wasn't quite enough. Mace had a pathetic start, and both of them had bad luck when, out of a nine card treasure pile, a curse was flipped up on the first card. The game was over too soon for him to catch up. I know people say this about many games, but this game really feels like it should be a bit longer.

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