Friday, July 08, 2011

Board Game Blog World Roundup

Time for another roundup of board game related blogs that are new to me since my last roundup. These are blogs that update with some regularity and that cover general board game topics. As usual, I also dropped a number of blogs that haven't updated in the last several months.

A note about this blog: this blog has been pretty slow for the past two years, since I've been concentrating on Purple Pawn. Traffic has slowed to around 150 visits per day. My advertisers have all bolted. C'est la vie. This is likely to continue for the foreseeable future: a weekly session report, the occasional snippet about my life or something humorous, an occasional philosophical musing on gaming, and my travel adventures (look for daily trip reports and pictures in November).

2d6 - Kevin, Marco, Bob, George, Eric, Landon. Written and video reviews.

Cartrunk Entertainment - John Moller, Wyoming, DE. On games and gaming events.

Castelli Board Game Reviews - Harry max Ryan, Sydney, Australia. Podcast and reviews.

Debbie's Board Gaming Book - Debbie Ohi, Toronto, CA. Board game cartoons and stuff.

Deck Building Games - Jeremy Mueller, Portland, OR (I think). All about the title.

Dice Food Lodging - Tim Rodriguez, NY. Podcast on games.

Drunken Goblin - Mike Devonald, Bristol, UK.

FANTASARD - Tony, Faye, and Mark, New Zealand. Fantasy meets war gaming.

Game People - Ed Stephens, somewhere in the UK. The board game section of a gaming site.

North of Reality - Sean Johnson, Avon, IN. A pastor on board games.

Perpetual Geek Machine - Kevin Alexander, Dan Zuccarelli, Ryan Hewson. Game reviews and stuff.

Tabletop Hell - Branko, Serbia. Sessions, thoughts, etc. Also runs TCG Hell.

The Card Gamer - David, Cleveland, OH. Reviews and video reviews.

The Dump Stat - Gregory Schuster, Japan. RPGs and other games.

The Game Traveler - Daniel M. Perez, Miami, FL. Highmoon Games hosted podcast.

The Noble Gamer - Ian Noble, El Dorado Hills, CA.


Gamethyme said...

Do you track your RSS feed numbers? I stopped visiting daily because I now subscribe to your feed - I only visit when I have something to say (which - obviously - isn't often).

Yehuda said...

I don't really look at my RSS stats. Google shows me at 228 subscribers, which I guess constitute die hard readers/other bloggers.