Friday, September 02, 2011

Board Game Blog World Roundup

New to me since the last roundup:

Boardgaming: A new social media site for board games, the feed includes various contributors from the site.

Boards and Beers: Michael Taylor, NH.

East Tennessee Gamers: Greg Schloesser, Talbott, TN. The original game pumbah has a new site with a feed.

Games & Grub: Eric Leath, Columbus, OH. Mostly games.

Growing Up Gamers: Randy and Angie Newnham, Eugene, OR. Gaming with kids.

Kevin and Games: Kevin O'Sullivan, Sussex, UK. Session reports.

Lillian Cohen-Moore: WA. Some sparse notes from a game co-designer and magazine editor.

My Board Game Ideas: Clive Lovett, Kamloops, Canada. Thoughts on game design.

Play the Past: Multiple contributors on multiple genres of gaming.

Raanana Gamer: Ellis, Israel. Session reports from my new game group.

The Royal Society of Gamers: Henrik, Conrad, and Karl. Podcast.

The Secret Life of an American Geek Mom: Sara Yarrington, Manchester, NH. She also podcasts.

Tim Stellmach: Arlington, MA. Video game designer who talks a lot about board games.

Warpig Radio: Ed Healy and Dan Repperger. Podcast.

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