Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jerusalem and Raanana Session Reports

Raanana report by me: Power Grid, Antike, Ticket to Ride Norway, Detroit-Cleveland Grand Prix. And by Ellis: Power Grid.

Jerusalem report by Nadine: Nile, Year of the Dragon.

I played Mancala on Friday night with a young girl during dinner. The rules with which we played: 6 bowls on each side, 1 bin on the right for each player. 4 stones per bowl. On your turn, pick up and deliver, skipping opponent's bin. If you land in your bin, go again. If you land in an empty space on your side, take the stone and all stones in the opposing bowl and place them in your bin, but only if opponent has at least 1 stone in the opposing bowl. Keep playing until all stones are in bins.

I won the first game and we tied on the second. I think she was used to winning, which is why she stopped after two games. But she handled herself pretty well.

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