Sunday, February 26, 2012

Raanana, Jerusalem, Shabbat sessions

Ellis in Raanana: Endeavor. I taught the game. We also played two games of Water Lily after Ellis left, which is a simple and quick kids game because of the theme and components (or a simple abstract game otherwise).

Nadine in Jerusalem: Nile, Puerto Rico, It's Alive!, Egizia, R-eco. They also looked at Fungibility.

On shabbat I had a family over for lunch. They are home-schoolers, and so play more games than the typical family, including several Family Pastimes cooperative games. We played one aimed at young children, Princess.

It barely qualifies as a game, though the experience is not all that bad. You roll the die and either increase the doom counter (6 total) or pick a random object and try to convince all the players that you can use this object to get past the current obstacle between you and the princess (moat, guard, dog, etc). For instance, the boat is the canonical item to get past the moat, but I suggested when I picked the candle that you can use it to set fire to the forest, and when the guards lower the drawbridge and run out to put out the fire you sneak across the drawbridge. You have to get to the princess before picking all the doom counters.

The game is exhausted after a few plays, but my guests had hand-crafted additional items to keep the game fresh.

I then taught them No Thanks! which they liked a lot, and we played Pit which I had taught them the last time they were over.


Nadine said...

You're not trying to rescue a passive princess, are you?

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Sadly yes, and I commented on this at the time.