Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shabbat Gaming

A new guy Ken and his son Oren came over after lunch to play with me, Abraham, Sara, and Nadine. They were cool. Ken and co live in Raanana and have a large Eurogame collection and have played for a while, but this was his first attempt to contact other gamers in the area. Weird. There are little pockets of gamers everywhere it seems.

Abraham taught them Container, which they liked. Meanwhile, Nadine, Sara, and I played Troyes. Nadine scored heavy scoring yellow and white cards and a strong cathedral presence which I realized was victory already by round 3. I came closer than I expected: 44 to 38 or so. I had strong red and utility cards and so was short in money. I fought a few events - which no one else did, so we had piles of events by the end of the game.

After Ken and Oren left, Sara and I teamed up against Nadine and Abraham for Tichu. They took the lead and won every hand until the last one. There were a few multi-Tichu calls: by me and Abraham and by me and Nadine. In the last round I won my Tichu against their Tichu loss; they were still winning but we had to end.

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Nadine said...

Shouldn't Troyes have a mechanism to decrease events when there are fewer players?