Sunday, January 27, 2013

Some Games

I played Thunderstone with Nadine. She picked up six Trainers at the start, while my draws wouldn't let me get more than 1 in my first three turns. I instead sacrificed four Militias to a monster that made all the attacking heroes have -2 strength. That put her ahead in XP and me ahead in tuning my deck. It was a close game (I occasionally noted to her a more optimal play, like when she tried to trash a dagger, overlooking that she had a disease in her hand). Final result was 47 (me) to 42.

Nadine, my mom, and I played Bridge, with Nadine taking over two hands. It is frustrating to forget so many of the nuances of the standard bidding system after not playing for so long. I need to play this regularly, not once every few months.

Last week I played Go with Anne, giving her a two stone starting advantage on a 9x9 board. She had played once or twice before a long time ago, so this was a refresher game. As expected, she played well. The end game had her up a point on the board, but I had captured many more stones. I very nearly lost an entire swath of the board by not paying attention. Another game that deserves real attention, and not a play every few months.

I also played some more No Thanks and Parade, teaching them to new players. Both were enjoyed, but oddly enough Parade went over slightly better, there being more scope for planning, or so I was informed.

I've been enjoying playing Hawaii for several weeks, and so have some people at the JSGC, but no one in the Raanana club liked the game. for some reason.

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