Monday, June 17, 2013

Shabbat Gaming

Nadine, Mace, and I played on shabbat afternoon.

I taught Mace how to play Homesteaders. I started with steel and gold buildings and some debt. All very nice, but this left me shy in money and trade goods, which I spent the next several rounds acquiring. Still, I didn't think I was doing too badly, as I was able to get the buildings I wanted in 3 of the last 4 rounds. Nadine, as usual, complained a blue streak, while she had Market, tons of trade tokens, and tons of cash, as well as the Bank which let her trade trade tokens for cash. She let too many auctions pass, however, and ended two points behind me.

Mace had the feel for the game from the get go. He passed on the first round and spent a lot of time calculating in later rounds. It paid off as he won 53 to 46 to 44.

After this Mace and I each played one of Nadine's training decks of Magic cards. Mace's was blue and artifacts, mine was green and white. The decks are pretty evenly matched. Mace had some early mana trouble. By the time he recovered, I was attacking with a band and all he could do was put up creatures to die. My pivotal card in play was a simple Elf Archer that for 1G could tap to keep one of his cards tapped (I kept his Tim tapped). I finally got through with a Giant that could lob forests to deal the last 2 points of damage.

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