Friday, October 03, 2014

Gmar Hatima Tova

I wish everyone who will be fasting this Yom Kippur a healthy and meaningful fast.

The search for the right life partner continues, despite having met already some incredible, wonderful women. I recently had an epiphany about something I did wrong in my last marriage; I apologized for it and was forgiven.

The "I'm writing a book" line is sounding a little tired; I really am, still, but it sometimes takes me a month (or four) to get back to it while I do other things. I've started other projects and other books, done industry surveys, lectured on gamification and will be lecturing on API design.

My bucket list mainly includes what I still want to give to the world. What books do I still have to write, games do I still have to design, lives do I still have to save, change do I still have to effect? I also want to travel, learn guitar, and so on, but that's less important. Time is fleeting. I've got work to do. I think I may need your help.

No other person can be responsible for my happiness. But I'm more focused, more effective, and admittedly happier working together with a partner and with good friends.

God bless,
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