Saturday, February 21, 2015

Status Update

  • I will not be able to do my annual game industry survey this year (which I have been publishing on Purple Pawn). I will do my best to get it done again next year. Some people have commented that they think I should ask more interesting questions; what should those be? Remember that the respondents are under no obligation to answer, and many owners of privately held companies are reluctant to answer even basic questions.
  • I have made some progress on my book, going from 90 pages of notes to 180 pages of notes and a TOC. I revise the TOC from time to time, and I rewrite notes into chapter from time to time, but I keep starting them over again. At some point I hope things will take shape. It's so easy to hit publish on a blog post but so hard to let go of a chapter.
  • I have left my job in Hod Hasharon and will be starting a new one in Jerusalem next month. Sometime between now and the end of July I will be moving back to Jerusalem (I have been living in Raanana for the last 3 1/2 years).
  • Between the above two jobs, I am taking a week's vacation. I will be off the grid from noon Sunday until noon Thursday: no telephone, no SMS, no email, no Internet. It seems weird, I know. As a shabbat-observer, I do 25 hours off the grid every week. This feels different. Anyway, the point of it is to take a break from the endless chirps, beeps, and distractions that follow me around all the time. I want to make some more progress on my book. I also need to finalize a talk on APIs that I'm giving next month in Tel Aviv at DevConTLV.
  • I started a limited-period gamification project at my last job that was not complete before I left (not my decision; I wanted to to finish before I left). Many things went wrong and some things went right. I look forward to hearing the end results, after which I will write up what happened.
All the best ...

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