Monday, May 09, 2016

Necessary Invention: Dual Call Waiting/Voice Mail

Has anyone ever heard: "If this is an emergency, press 1 to go to call waiting. Otherwise, leave a message at the beep"?


Mike said...

I use the Grasshopper phone service. My voicemail is set up as follows:

-Press 1 if this is a major emergency (Call forwards to my cell, then rings me a second time before going to voicemail)
-Press 2 if this is a minor emergency (call forwards to cell, then rings again before going to voicemail.
-Press 3 for general voicemail or if ok to contact you tomorrow (rings me once, then forwards to voicemail)
-If no number is pressed, rings me once, then forwards to voicemail.

All voicemails are transcribed and emailed to me, and also indicate what # they pressed. Really helps me prioritize calls throughout the day.

Always enjoy your blog. Thank you.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Cool. I was wondering!