Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Necessary Invention: Mobile Mode in Desktop Browser

My mother, and many other elderly or non-power users, would have a much easier time browsing the internet if the web-sites on her desktop defaulted to the way they appear when you browse the web on your smartphone.

WebbIE is a browser for low-light vision or blind people, which cuts out all the pictures. And there are add-ons that let you simulate your user-agent (I couldn't get the one for Firefox set up properly). I don't think these are what I'm looking for.


Avraham Grief said...

Is Responsive Design Mode what you're looking for? Ctrl+Shift+M in FireFox. Other browsers have similar capabilities as well.


Yehuda Berlinger said...

No. I'm looking for a) websites that make special, simple sites for browsers should make these same simple sites available for accessibility, with nearly the same content and nearly the same format, and b) a web browser or add-on to display these sites in their accessible format when they are available.

So an option to view the CNN page as a simple CNN logo, one picture, and the stories in simple succession (navigable by tabs), just like it appears in a mobile device.