Sunday, May 24, 2009

Assorted Game Tidbits

Puerto Rico: Rachel and I played a tense shabbat afternoon game. We were pretty close but Rachel slipped up a role choice mid-game which gave me an extra shipment and trade. That was enough for me to win 68 to 61.

Scrabble: Played with Tal during the week; I don't play with her often. We played without counting points. As a result, the game board was pretty open.

I've also been playing some games of Lexulous on Facebook with a friend from college. She was the one who claimed that Arts majors get a more well-rounded education than Engineers, even though, as I pointed out, Engineers take both Arts and Engineering courses, while Arts majors take only Arts courses. We've played three games, so far, and she has yet to beat me; my last game ended with my making two bingoes on the fourth-to-last and third-to-last plays. Here's hoping she'll kick my butt in the next game; I don't want her to get too discouraged.

Moot: I find this to be a great activity for intellectuals who would otherwise not touch any other game, even another party or Trivia game. This one hits the right spot for them. Any other highly intellectual trivia games out there? Any literary or biblical criticism games?

Richard Gottlieb reproduced my Eurogames article on his Playthings blog (with permission).

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