Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm Giving a Lecture on "The Secrets of Corporate Blogging"

Monday evening I'm giving a lecture at the Jerusalem Technical Writers Group on The Secrets of Corporate Blogging to a room full of technical and marketing writers, many of whom have a passing but probably incomplete knowledge of blogging. If you're interested in attending, see the above link.

I'll post the entire presentation here after the talk. If anyone wants an advanced copy, let me know.

  • What is Blogging? (short)
  • What is Professional Blogging?
  • What Professional Blogging is Not
  • Required Professional Blogging Skills
  • What is Corporate Blogging?
  • Planning an External Corporate Blog
  • Who Writes the External Corporate Blog?
  • Planning an Internal Corporate Blog
  • How to Get a Professional Corporate Blogging Position

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