Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Best Game

Tom Vasel and some novices stood at a wall of games, deciding which one to play.

"Master, which is the best game?" asked a novice.

"The best game is the game that is enjoyed best," answered Tom.

"But what if I like Monopoly best?" asked the novice.

"Then Monopoly is the best game," said Tom.

"But Monopoly sucks!" said the novice.

"Then it is not the best game," said Tom.

"How can it be the best game and not the best game?" asked the novice.

"Mu," said Tom.

"Master, how about Crocodile Pool Party?" asked another novice.

Tom coughed. "Uh, let's look at some of these games over here," he said.

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Mischa said...

That's brilliant.