Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weekend Gaming

Tal's friends were over for shabbat, and they're a gaming crowd. I wanted to bring out Jungle Speed, but Ariella had taken it with her to play over the weekend with her friends.

We played:

Triple Team Hearts: Six players, three teams, two decks of cards. One of the two of clubs and two of diamonds removed from the deck. Passing only to your partner. Shooting the moon can be a joint effort with your partner.

I made it up on the spot, and it seemed to work ok. We only got through two rounds, however. Nechemya (and thus his partner) lost them both pretty badly.

Apples to Apples: The Jewish and Kids edition cards were mixed into the regular ones.

Antike: The boys were interested in playing this after I declared it to be a reason never to play Risk again. They all liked it, especially that you could never be entirely wiped out. And that, despite many paths, it can be a pretty close game. Nechamya played Greece and got too big, and then got hit by both Rome (me) and Turkey, which set him back. I was neck in neck with someone else to win: I needed two points, but I was one city away from 15, and one ship away from 14. He was only one point away, and built his sixth temple, and that was that.

Robo Rally: I taught this to Nechemya last time he was here and he attempted to teach this to the others, with some varying amount of success.

I'm fairly sure some other games were played as well, but I did have to sleep, occasionally.

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