Sunday, September 06, 2009

Dominion With My Brother

Ben's first attempt at Dominion was a failure. He lost every Silver that he bought to other players' Thieves, while he never managed to steal anything back with his own Thieves. Unlike some games (Agricola), however, he was willing to admit that that was bad luck and that the game seemed basically sound.

We tried it again yesterday, with better results. No Thieves.

The only additional actions were Spies, and I was the only one to take one. The other attack card was Militia, and we both had a lot of them (no Moats). You would think that this would make getting to the magic number 8 fairly difficult. But it wasn't, really. We were both able to buy Silvers and then Golds. We used Chapel to dump a few other cards and, even after getting hit with a Militia, 8 was not too hard.

Gardens were also available; I took two. Ben lost the game because he took a Gold on his penultimate turn instead of a Gardens. He lost 46 to 43, which is respectable enough, he says.

We also played a number of hands of Bridge, including three-player with my Mom. And Friday night, I got my non-game playing friends to enjoy a half-hour of Moot trivia questions.

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