Sunday, September 06, 2009

Media Schizophrenia About Board Games

The same newspapers can slant the implication about board game play, depending on what they want for the story angle.

In one article, board games are economical, ecological, and family togetherness time. "Bring out the old-fashioned board game," they declare. Or, if enlightened, "take a look at modern board games," and why they remain competitive with, or even best, other entertainment possibilities, such as video games or movies.

In the next article, or the next day, they'll throw out board games as an aspersion, implying people wasting their time or phenomenally bored. "Health employees are just sitting around reading and playing board games."

Then there are the articles that refer to people who play board games as "retro" or simply bizarre. "Fer chrissakes, what a geek! He plays board games!"

Media. Fear it.

Because every other idea, activity, nation, and personality undergoes the same treatment. A reporter wants to be cute, or wants to tap into something subjective about which you already feel. It's not about objectivity.



Tim - A GameBuff said...

Yeah, too many times they are simply trying to force a response or get a nice headline or give generalizations or assumptions based on common misinterpretations. Anyway, overall I've been happy with the media look at board games, but they, and the public, are a finicky lot looking to the next splashy article or viewpoint or whatever :) I'll just keep playing games, introducing people to games and have fun when I can.

Max said...

Its very sad considering the fact that games are 21th century art form.