Saturday, October 03, 2009

Board Game Blog World Roundup

I maintain a comprehensive list of all English board and card game related blogs and podcasts on the internet, so far as I know. To be on this list, a site must:

- Have an RSS feed
- Have been updated in the last 3 months, unless a post indicates a specific hiatus.
- Update at least once a month
- Be primarily concerned with board and/or card games, in general (generally not only war games, minis, or RPGs)
- Contain content of general interest to the world, and not simply list new inventory for a company
- Post primarily in English; there are plenty of non-English sites around the web on this topic, but I don't track them

The list is located on the sideboard of my blog. I just dropped fifteen blogs/podcasts from my list. But don't despair; I have another fifteen I'm adding since the last update:

Publisher Perspective: Byron Collins of Collins Epic Wargames. About game publishing.

Clever Games for Clever People: By the owners of a UK store called Zsuaro. No further information.

Consoles and Cardboard: Podcast by Jon, John, Scott, ... About digital and tabletop games.

Death of Monopoly: Eric Martin, Kitchener, ON, CA. Not from BGN.

Downtime Town: Reviews, videos, podcast by Robert Florence, UK.

Game Kastle Blog: Various musings from the employees (and friends?) of Game Kastle, Santa Clara, CA.

Game Mechanic For Hire: Phil Kilcrease, Salt Lake City, UT, a member of the Game Designers Guild. Posts about game mechanics and their variants.

Games for Educators: A cross venture of the Chicago Toy and Game Fair (Mary Couzin) and Live Oak Games. All about games and education, with various contributors. For instance, Teaching Strategies is a podcast on the Games for Educators site by Tom Vasel and Giles Prichard.

Games With Garfield: Richard Garfield (yes, the designer of Magic: The Gathering) muses about new board and card games.

Margin of Victory: John, Russ, and Rick. "In-depth" look at board game workings.

Paper Money: Podcast from Ben Clark from Imagigrafx and Rett Kipp, a marketing consultant. All about the board game business and publishing.

Science of Board Games: Christopher Swenson, OK. Also looking at game design.

Simon Dice: By Simon Dice, Mount Pleasant, DC.

The Game Aisle: Positive game reviews only from Kim Vandenbroucke, a mainstream game designer and developer.



clevergames said...

Nice list! I think you shuold take a look a this one too: it's a gaming blog about board games curiosities and educational games.

Christopher said...

Thanks for reading my site (! I appreciate the mention.

Kim Vandenbroucke said...

Thanks for listing my site too! ( It's a nice list you've put together!