Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Gaming

I spent the weekend at my brother's.


Friday night I played this two-player with Ben. I don't remember much of it. Laboratory was the most exciting card. I won by 1 point. Ben likes the game, and it's only one of a few new games he's liked in a while.

Saturday I played three-player with Ben and Tal; first play for her. it took her about a third of a game, and then she really got into it.

We had Chapel, Gardens, Militia, Feast, Bureaucrat, and very little special, again. No xx actions. I took an early Chapel, as usual, but had horrible luck using it. After trashing 3 coppers and an Estate, I could not get the Chapel in the same hand as my other two Estates for the rest of the game. Ever. Instead, all of the action cards just kept bunching up. And the Militias also made life difficult.

Ben won the game with 27 points, Tal and I each had 23.

We played another game with different cards. This time we had Festival, Village, and Market. Still had Gardens, and also Black Market. Tal took Black Market and added some fun cards to her hand, and tried for a Garden strategy (took Thief from Black Market to aid her in this). Ben and I went more traditional.

I think I was a tad more focused than Ben. But I ended the game by buying a Province and a Gardens - the Gardens was worth only 2 points to me - and I only beat Ben by 1 point again. Tal was about 10 points down.


Been a heck of a long time since I played this. I played again Ben's 6 year old. I set up my pieces randomly, but still won. For a 6 year old, he played quite good. He tried to lure my 1 into a trap with his Spy, for instance, only it was a bit transparent. Still, quite remarkable for a 6 year old. After I nailed his 1 and spy, my 1 basically killed anything that moved, until I could take out his bomb/flag at the end.

Other games played over the weekend include The Menorah Game and Labyrinth. Saarya asked to play Cosmic Encounter, but it was already getting late; I feel bad about that, as he doesn't ask to play games that often.

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Aaron Fuegi said...

Do you play some sort of Equal Turns/Virtual Provinces variant in Dominion? Without it hearing you say you ended a game and won by 1 point, I always wonder if this was just turn order. I find the variant helps a lot.