Saturday, January 09, 2010

Rachel Off to America again

This time, I'll be visiting her in about six weeks, which is somewhat better than last time. I'll be away from Israel US Feb 18 to Mar 16, leaving me only two weeks until Pesach after I return. So cleaning will have to start already. I'm already starting to look at what chometz I have to use up.

I'll be in Oxford, OH again for the first two weeks so I'll try again to hit game nights in Oxford, Cincinnati, and this time also Columbus. The third week I may be in Chicago or New York, and the last weekend and few days in the New York area. On Sunday night, March 14, I'll be attending my high school's 25th reunion.

Why? A good question, considering that I hated roughly 1/3 of the kids in my high school class, was indifferent to another 3/5, and only liked the remaining five people. The ones I hated made life so awful that I get upset thinking about them to this day. I think that I hope to find that some of these people are now decent people; I anticipate this having a therapeutic effect on me, somehow. If they're still horrible people, I will at least be able to face them now with the proper self-assurance, scorn, and pity that they deserved then, which may also be therapeutic.

I actually look forward to meeting the ones I was indifferent to, though they may not realize how much of a coup this is for me. For example, while they were discussing where to arrange this reunion, one of them suggested "reliving that great pool party" they had at the end of high school, a party about which I was not invited to, or even knew about until now. Today, all the ones I've communicated with online now seem to be nice people, who won't mind that I'm (still) a geek.

And as for the ones I actually liked, at least one of them will be there ...

I lent Trias to my neighbor's kids who were looking for something they haven't already played for four players and not too hard to learn (they've already played Settlers, T&E, and Carcassonne, and I thought Dominion would be hard to learn on ones own).



Alfred said...

I've found myself blowing off reunions due to similar mathematics...I suppose eventually I'll go to one, once I'm something a little loftier than "graduate student." Seeing the bullies still be big and rich and powerful, with no kind of rejoinder, is a bit much. I'm not enormously proud of this attitude...

Yehuda said...

Bill Watterson said that Moe the bully is modeled after similar recollections, and he thinks these creatures somehow spawn up from the mold on gym floors.