Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Too Many Games in the Game Queue, For Once

I got twenty new games during my last trip to the US (returned Nov 30), and I've only played five of them so far. And I want to play those five many more times.

Some people "work through" their game list, then throw the new games onto the shelf and play the next new games. I'm not like that. I like playing new games, but I also like to play good games many times.

Unfortunately, after playing some "good" games several times, you realize that the game is flawed, or that it is solvable, or that it is "played out" (sometimes the latter is true only if you play with the same group each time). Hence why I also got rid of twenty games on my last trip to the US.

So for the first time in a while, I really don't need any new games round here. But a few weeks ago I won games worth up to $50 from a holiday Sophistigames contest. Damn. Now I have to buy more games.


Roman Age said...

The fact that a game, even if not fundamentally flawed, may be 'played out', as you say, reminds me of the experience I had, many years ago, of playing the classic game Cluedo, frequently, with the same group of friends. I was the only one remaining who had never won yet, and that was known, it was soon becoming a joke, I was never going to win.
Then I took the matter into my own hands, and came up with a system, based on logic, as you would, but most important appliable in 'real time' (as to make the game fun, we did not allow too much thinking time). All I had to do was, for each 'answer' given to me or to other players, and beside the normal crosses you may use on your investigation sheet, to add codified symbols from a set that I had defined, and always act according to the symbols I had, do a bit of calculation, following a formula, without even having to think at all.
I won. Then I won, then I won again. That's all, we stopped playing the game (in fact not because of this sudden transformation, just the end of a period). In fact I believe I could still have lost, I just was much more likely to win, but the fact is even though I enjoyed winning for the time being, and savoured the triumph of my method, all the fun in the game would have been lost if we had all been using it (had I revealed it).

Yehuda said...

Yes, Clue was easily solved. We played without using the notepads, but even that soon wore out its welcome.