Monday, May 24, 2010

Mecanisburgo looks like a decent game

Abraham bought himself a copy of Mecanisburgo, and I took it home to learn the rules. It's a worker placement (hidden values)/area control game, with conflict resolution like Cosmic Encounter, money management like certain war games (cards can be used either for fighting power or income), and a dictionary of symbols like Race for the Galaxy ... squared.

Some people have complained that the confusing symbols combined with the confusing rulebook is a drawback to the game, but it doesn't look all that bad to me. I guess we'll find out when we try to play.

I'm also still hoping to get Mu to the table one day.


Avraham Grief said...

Yay. Hopefully we'll get to play it Wednesday.

I actually thought that you would be less than excited to try it because of the kitchen sink mechanics, variable win conditions, and a high level of chaos combined with long playing time... but I'm glad that you seem to be looking forward to it too.

Yehuda said...

Sorry we didn't get to play it. Maybe next time?