Saturday, May 08, 2010

Session Report, in which we play In the Shadow of the Emperor

The latest Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club session report is up (and has been since Thursday, oops). Games played: Set, In the Shadow of the Emperor, R-Eco, Container.

I review our first play of ItSotE. And we sure seem to be playing Container a lot.

Shabbat Gaming

Lunch at Nadine's with the usual crowd. I played another game of In the Shadow of the Emperor with Bill, Shirley, and Ksenia (first play for all of them). The game went for me pretty much the same as the last game went, only I made a few more VP's before I was wiped off the board for the rest of the game.This time, I thought I was losing more than I actually was.

Ksenia took the province that gives 1 VP per round during setup and managed to keep it the entire game. I figured that she was winning, and I was right. Scores were closer, so the few VP's that were decided arbitrarily by one player in favor of one of two other players made more of a difference. For instance, Shirley's last decision as to whom to hand the Emperor on the last round change the standings between me and Bill.

Final scores: Ksenia 22, Jon 21, Bill 20, Shirley 18.

While we played, Nadine, Adam, and Sarah played Reef Encounter (second play for Nadine, first for Sarah and Adam), and Abraham taught Emily, Eitan, and Shachar how to play Container.

About This Blog

The last post on many a dormant blog is an apology for not posting more frequently in the recent past, followed by a promise to post more often in the future. For that reason, you'll get neither of these out of me.

I have full time work right now, as well as a household to manage on my own until Rachel returns at the end of the month, and most of the rest of my spare time is spent on Purple Pawn. Still, it makes me sad to see this blog cultivated so sporadically.

I'm not apologizing (except, perhaps, to my sponsors). But I think I've gotten out of the habit of posting on this blog partially because I was afraid to post anything less than the endless series of high-quality posts that I posted in 2006-8. I have to get over that fear.

And so, I am going to try to post something, anything, on this blog again, at least once a day. It might be complete junk, a single sentence, a picture or link, or whatever. But it's the only way to get started again. Good posts follows naturally from a regular posting habit. You'll just have to bear with me for this phase until I get my groove again.

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