Thursday, August 26, 2010

Board Game Blog World Roundup

New blogs, etc since my last posting ...

Board Game Dialog - Michael Schroeder, Niagara Falls, NY. Board game reviews and other posts.

Fun Board Games - Gary Sonnenberg, Waukesha, WI. Intro to board games posts. He also blogs at Googols of Games.

G*M*S Magazine - Paco Jean, Peacehaven, UK. Various articles about gaming, actively seeking other writers.

GameSalute - A number of people, including Dan Yarrington of Myriad Games. There is no information about them on the site, so I can't tell you more. They do video interviews and other news items. They also want to be an online destination, referral service, and networking hub for customers of brick-and-mortar game stores.

Games Champ - John Rowlinson, Manor Park, UK. A look at mostly mainstream board games.

GamingRetailer - Mark Cracco, South Bend, IN. A podcast about and for game retailers.

Giant Fire Breathing Robot - Andrew, Dylan, and co, San Francisco, CA. Games, podacst, and other geek stuff. Originally Tabletop Quality.

Guilt Free Games - Josh, David, JM, Jeff, Junelle, originally from NH. Board gaming.

Meepletown - Christian Wilson, Alabama. Board gaming.

Musings, Ramblings, and Things Left Unsaid - Alfred. Actually, I dropped this blog a few years ago when it went dormant, but it has picked up again. You have to ask for an invite to see it, however.

Nerdaphernalia - Matt Sall, San Antonio, TX. Board gaming.

The Games of Rob Bartel - Rob Bartel, Edmonton, Canada. Blog and board game design discussion.

Wizard of Odds - Posts about calculating odds in games, mostly for poker.

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Gary said...

Thanks for noting Fun Board Games. It's actually my son Matt though who runs Googols of Games.