Monday, March 28, 2011

Board Game Blog World Roundup

For a complete list of active board game blogs, see my left sidebar. The following blogs are active and new to me since my last roundup.

Board Game Info: The new BGI site has several feeds.

Board Game Reviews by Josh: Josh Edwards, Missouri. Reviews.

BoardGameGeek News: The defunct BoardGameNews moved to BGG. Eric now does news roundups.

The Opinionated Gamers: Meanwhile, most of the other BGN contributors moved here.

Eye of the Vortex: A team blog covering topic on various genres; currently mostly focused on Magic and RPG material, with some other stuff.

Father Geek: Cyrus Kirby (and others), Elgin, Minnesota. Games and fatherhood.

Ludology: Ryan Sturm and Geoff Engelstein, to oftime Dice Tower contributors covering geeky game topics in a new podcast.

Matt's Board Game Back Room: Matt Stevenson, Eugene, Oregon.

Meople's Magazine: Kai, Germany. Hoping to have more contributors.

Plankton Games Journal: Dave Dobson, Greensboro, NC. Game design.

Smartplay (Thinkfun): Charlotte. About play.

State of Play: Thomas McDonald, a professional game journalist and contributor to Games Magazine (among others). All types of games.

The Mystical Throne: Another site attempting to catalog games, organized by theme.

The Obsessive Compulsive Gamer: Toronto, ON. Playing through his game collection.

The Superfly Circus: Peter Ruth, Kentucky. Game reviews, interviews, and commentary.

Zwischenzug: Frank Feldmann, Dayton, OH. Family game blog.

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