Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekend Gaming, Purim

At Nadine's house, I played Puerto Rico for the first time in (what feels like) a year. I had actually been hoping we might play it after lunch.

Puerto Rico is still my favorite game, but we just don't play it much at the group, as a) some of the players play it obsessively online already, and b) we received many new games last year.

I played with Nadine and her daughter Ginat. I was second player, and the only building substitutions were Small Wharf for Large Warehouse and Library for University, neither of which were bought.

Despite my not having played in a long time, I still wanted to try something a little different. So my second building purchase (after Small Market, duh) was Construction Hut; I hesitated between it and Hacienda, another building I don't play much. However, I could see my way to producing corn, indigo, and coffee by the first half of the game already, and I didn't think I needed to worry about more production. My coffee was in front of Ginat who also had coffee, Nadine was already working on sugar, and I didn't think I was going to go for Residence.

Well, it worked well. I bought Harbor. Together with a few coffee sales, and some judicious Captain-taking to ensure the boats were always filled with my goods, I was able to advance in both shipping and building. Final scores: 58 to Nadine's 51 to 45.


Tonight is Purim outside of Jerusalem. I will be joining my brother Ben for a seuda tomorrow (and expect to play something) and then I will return for Shushan Purim (celebrated in Jerusalem). As an avel (mourner), my partying is limited: people aren't supposed to send me shaloch manot, I can only send two, and I can't go to any parties, though I still have to do the seuda and other mitzvot.

However, for those not in mourning, I recommend the shpiel my synagogue is putting on, and in which I would be participating if I could:
In celebration of Purim, Kehilat Mizmor LeDavid's Kosher Hams present the
new comedic musical revue: DEAD SEA DISCS - The Saga Continues!

Written by Allan Rabinowitz and Performed by the Kosher Hams

Join us following Shushan Purim Megilah reading!
Sunday, March 20
9:00 PM
The Masorati Auditorium
30 NIS

Masorati School, Beitar 8, Talpiot, enter by way of Giladi/Efrata Streets.
Tickets sold at the door, first come first served, costumes encouraged.
Further information:, or 02-673-5338

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