Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Passover Gaming

Passover at my brother's.

During the seder we played my "Four Children's" game: I give each person a card with four neutral items (such as winter, spring, summer, fall) and they have to say which, according to them, corresponds to which of the four children. There are no wrong or right answers.

I've played this game for several years now, and I make new cards each year. I think it's time I get it published.

I also made cards with people, items, and books, where you have to act out the person (such as Moshe or Pharaoh) and the other players have to guess who you are and give you your item and book. The items and books are all humorous and midrashic.

The next day I taught Ben and kids to play Tobago. The kids totally didn't get it and they wanted to play again. Ben got it and naturally lost due to bad luck. And this is despite playing without the curses (which works just as well, perhaps better, than playing with them). I won with 45 points.

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