Thursday, June 16, 2011

Moving to Raanana

At the beginning of August, less than a year after my father passed away and a few months after I got divorced, I will be moving to Raanana.

Why Raanana? My work arrangement, which is in Hod Hasharon (near Raanana), will start, as of mid-August, require me to come into the office five days a week. It's too much cost in time and money to commute from Jerusalem. I could do it if I had to (thank you This American Life, NYC Radiolab, New Yorker podcasts, Librivox, etc.), but why bother? I was planning to move out of my apartment, anyway; this is only a bit more drastic. In any case, I will start with a one year rental.

I'm leaving one of the nicest communities in the world, my friends at Mizmor LeDavid. Raanana also has a nice community, so I've heard; it even has a Carlebach shul. Raanana already has a game group, so I don't need to start one. I'm leaving the Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club in Nadine's hands. I hope she keeps it going, though with attendance as low as its been recently, it might be an uphill battle.

After all this change, it won't surprise you that I need a vacation. I'm planning one for November. I will be traveling to Ireland (first time, and I've always wanted to go), then flying on to Kansas City to see some friends. All of us will drive down to BGG.con, from which I will fly home.

And that's what's happening with me. What's happening with you?

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Count Zero said...

Hope the move goes well. I always have to look up on google the places you mention as I have no idea of the geography of Israel.

Ireland is an amazing place, don't forget to try the Guiness.