Thursday, June 16, 2011

Session Report, in which Gili comes from behind in Jambo

The latest Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club session report is up. Games played: Guardians of Graxia, Jambo.

First I slaughter Gili in a game of Guardians of Graxia, and muse about one of its core poor mechanics. Then, just as it appears that I'm going to slaughter Gili at Jambo, as well, she comes from behind to kill me in a single turn.


At my brother's, we played some Magic, drawing randomly from his pool of cards. Ben and I each took one game, both of which were very close. We were in the middle of a close third game when we had to stop. I didn't play much else, as I was vry tired.
In Tekoa, I taught one of the kids of the family at which I was staying Lord of the Rings: the Confrontation. The other game I had brought was Antike, which we didn't get to play.

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