Thursday, July 30, 2015

Vacation Day 3: Widow's Walk on the Appalachian Trail

Wed morning we made pancakes with fresh Vermont blueberries, pure Vermont maple syrup, and Green Mountain Eye-Opening blend coffee. We were then joined by my children's relatives: ex-brother-in-law Andrew and his wife Jamie and kids Ember, and Mesa, as well as my ex-mother-in-law. They are a very sweet family with two darling kids.

Andrew (carrying Ember), Saarya, and I hiked a part of the Appalachian Trail that runs right by where we are staying, up to the summit of a nearby mountain (hill, really), at the top of which is a small cabin for use by hikers. The cabin has a widow's walk on its roof, from which you can see valleys, rivers, and mountains all around.

Dinner was BBQ'd hamburgers and asparagus, and a fire that burned under the clear night sky. I'm reading a copy of The Girl Who Played with Fire that I found in the cabin.

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