Sunday, August 02, 2015

Vacation Day 4: Rainstorms in Life and Theater

Thurs morning we made pancakes with fresh Vermont blueberries, pure Vermont maple syrup, and Green Mountain caramel-vanilla coffee. We then drove to spend the day with my children's relatives.

Along the way we stopped at a particularly junky looking antiques store, around the back of which we found the Bridgewater Historical Society, which had, among its 1942 pictures of the people who worked at the wool mill (all of which are available at the above link), a telephone switching machine.

We had planned to do a hike in Green Mountain National Forest, but it began to rain. So we took a short trip to a nearby lake, ate some sandwiches in the rain, and headed back to drink hot cocoa. Dinner we BBQed hot dogs. We then went to see Outside Mulingar at the Dorset Festival Theater in Dorset.

The play was lovely. The acting was superb and the writing was fresh and quotable. I can't remember the dialog exactly, but I'm looking forward to reading a transcript of seeing it as a movie. It's kind of quirky and has many interweaving metaphors.

The basic plot is: There is a guy who lives on a farm with his father. They have a neighbor who live with their daughter. The play opens with the neighbor passing away, leaving the wife and daughter. The guy is thinking of leaving his farm to his nephew instead of his son in America, because he isn't sure that his son really loves the farm. But it will be hard to do that, because a) everyone thinks he shouldn't do that to his son, and b) the driveway to his farm was sold to the neighbors 30 years ago, and the neighbor adamantly refused to sell it back.

What happens next with these four characters is the play's subject, and it's funny and sweet.

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