Thursday, February 10, 2005

A Semi-Expected Surprise

A delightful semi-expected surprise in the mail today - Oceania, by Mayfair games. This is the game that Klaus Teuber, manager of Catan LLC and newly appointed to Mayfair's board promised to send me for free, just for spreading the word of Settlers in Israel.

A spanking new game in the mail, just as an unsolicited thank you note. And I really need some more 2 player games, too.

This one promises to be 1 - 2 players. Interesting. I hope I like it - I would hate to have to give a lukewarm review to such a nice gesture.

In other news, two more losses in PR ... cha cha cha.

I have established myself and Yaron Racah, who is part of the Tel Aviv gang that plays these games, as a trading block. Trade lists available on the Geek.

Time to start thinking about a game day during Passover. This time, I hope not to conflict too badly with the conventions in Tel Aviv.


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