Monday, May 02, 2005

JSGC Games Played in April

We hosted a Games Day on Passover, which was enjoyable. Our attendees wanted to play only the real meaty games: Taj Mahal, Puerto Rico, Princes of Florence, etc...

I welcome suggestions for other lighter games, such as Geschenkt. I would also like to acquire other types of game to please non-gamers, such as party games or the like. Again, any suggestions welcome. Party game requirements: no writing.

Games played in April:

Amun-Re: A game club favorite.

ASL: Not really played at the club, but my son went and played this during games day at someone else's house.

Attika: Probably won't be played again.

Cities and Knights of Catan: Wierd how this has aged. When this was the only thing I owned, it was played continuously, even two player. Now, it is creaky and difficult. Early leader tends to win.

Dvonn: I like. Quick and simple. I have almost nothing to say about the first half of the game - I don't really see the point of it, actually. The second half is where I begin to think.

Geschenkt: quick, but kind of played out right now. Getting a rest.

Princes of Florence x 2: Played twice during games day. Surprising, as this is a pretty dry game. Even though very little happens, that seems to be the point, and the group loves it right now.

Puerto Rico x 5: The Game.

Quiddlers: A card game with words that plays like Gin Rummy, but it's too easy to form words. Looking for alternative scoring or rules to make it better.

San Juan x 2: Another staple, usually while waiting for another game.

Settler of Catan: More than a quick game, less than a meaty game, this one is usually fun and simple, unless the dice are screwy, which they were this time.

Taj Mahal: A favorite.

Traumfabrik: Hard to tell. Never a first choice. I suspect if we had Ra, it wouldn't be first choice either. Not sure why.


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