Saturday, May 14, 2005

PR Games

Rachel won a 2-player game of PR against me on Fri night, 53 - 46, with lots of changed buildings. You know different buildings are doing their job of changing the strategy of the game when: the first buildings we bought were Hospice, Office, and Hacienda. I can't give you the entire building set, but these were the right buildings for the moment. Always a different game.

On Sat afternoon, we played two games with Nadine, straight set, except for Discretionary Hold. Nadine won the first, 52 - 48 (me) - 42. I won the second with three large buildings and 11 VPs, 53 - 52 (Rachel) - 49.

I'm offering a few bids on eBay for some games; here's hoping.

No game club last week, since there were too many special days, including Memorial Day (taken very seriously in Israel, since all of us know someone personally who has died, or at least a family member thereof), and Independence Day, plus a few other distractions. Next week we are back on schedule.

Peace Upon You All,

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