Friday, October 03, 2008

Board Game Blog World Roundup

This is a regular post listing the active board and card game blogs around the internet that are of general interest to all readers. It excludes inactive blogs, blogs that post extremely infrequently, single game-blogs (such as Chess-only), company blogs that simply list their stock and sales, and blogs that have infrequent posts about games.

Please see my left sidebar for the entire list of known board game blogs and podcasts.

Deleted Blogs

I deleted a slew of inactive blogs (around 20) from my list. Three more are slated to be deleted real soon now, unless I hear from them soon.

New Blogs

Berlin Game Design - Jeff Allers, Berlin. Author of Postcards from Berlin on Board Game News.

Board Game Auctions - From Mikko Saari, an interface to board game auctions on eBay.

Game On - A podcast from Cody and John.

Mind Games - The Piseco family, NY. A family of four homeschools and games.

Rick's Café Américain - Rick Holzgrafe, San Jose, CA. Game thoughts.

The Gamer Hotsheet - Michael Salsbury, OH. Tabletop and PC gaming.

Toby-O Forever - Toby-O, Monroe, LA. Games, video games, etc.

Words on Play - Malcolm Ryan, Sydney, Australia. Stories and games and related books.


Headgames Podcast changed locations.

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