Sunday, October 12, 2008

Puerto Rico with the usual

I played Puerto Rico with Rachel and Nadine. I added a bunch of less-used buildings to the mix:

- Forest House (working with 1,3,5, .. forests, instead of 2,4,6)
- Irrigation 4/2: Produce one extra barrel.
- Commodity Exporters 5/2: +1 VP when shipping indigo and/or sugar.
- Beachfront 6/2: You have wharf of size equal to number of forests you possess.
- Large Business 8/3: Both Builder's and Captain's privileges. Actually this is a standard replacement building, but it needs to be mentioned.

Rachel tried the forest strategy, and it did ok, but not spectacularly. Nadine had a Factory, but bought a late Wharf when she would have done better with a large building.

I bought an early Commodity Exporters, and then a Large Business. At that point, when I took Captain to ship, I was earning 4 points for shipping one barrel of Indigo. That was pretty big. I added Irrigation to the mix, but never got it to do much; Irrigation has been pretty good in other games, however.

In the end, we were all pretty close in building, but I was about ten points ahead in shipping.

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