Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yom Tov Gaming

Important Note: I'm screwing around with the hosting for both this site and for Purple Pawn, so you may experience disruptions.

Mr Jack

Adam came for dinner and I taught him how to play Mr Jack. He took to it very well. I squeaked out an escape on turn 8, but I suspect that he won't let me get away with that next time. It's a natural fit for a Go player.

Puerto Rico

Played with Rachel and Nadine. Rachel won again, 52 to my 49 to Nadine's "much less". Factory wasn't in the game, but Rachel did an unusual building strategy. I tried Library once again, just to see, and even though I played it to the max, it was still a sub-par use of my money compared to other buildings in the same class.

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