Sunday, February 22, 2009

Getting the Dominion Cards Back in the Box

Rachel returned with my new copy of Dominion, as well as a few other games. I haven't had a chance to play any of them, yet.

Dominion consists of 500 cards and a large box with a strange insert, into which you're supposed to fit all the cards:

But which cards should go where, and why, is not intuitively obvious. RGG provides a suggested inlay [PDF] which may make sense, eventually.

I didn't get to play anything this shabbat, but we looked through some of the Moot cards. Then Tal (my 15 year old daughter) and hr friend spent a few hours looking through more of the card, learning new vocabulary words all the while. Looks like it's going to be fun going through the cards (I don't actually intend to play the game).

Meanwhile, Ariella (20 year old step-daughter) went to play the latest hit game in Israel, Jungle Speed. She had a great time. Highly recommended for all the non-gamers out there.

Saturday night I went to the annual Mavoi Satum fundraiser quiz night (you can check out all the questions online). Families around the country invite other families to come over, donate, and answer trivia questions. Mavoi Satum does a great job of picking questions that are tough, but not too tough, as well as fun to guess.

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Anonymous said...

My copies came with the inlay.