Friday, February 20, 2009

Wielding the Decks 7: Acquire

A little late, but here goes:

Acquire is a classic game of stock acquisition and mergers. It's played on a 12 by 9 board; that's near enough to 13 x 8 that we can fake it. Add some tokens and you're good to go.

Create the board as you play: use the four jokers to mark the corners of the board and adjust the exact card locations as necessary during the game. Using two decks with different colored backs, one set of cards is used for the first four rows, and the other for the second four rows. Or, you could let a player choose in which row to play (e.g. row 3 or 7) on his or her turn.

Use 26 tokens in each of 7 colors. One token is used to mark the hotel chain. The others are the stocks. Use paper and pencil to keep track of money.


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