Friday, February 13, 2009

Wielding the Decks 6: No Thanks!

While No Thanks! can be exactly simulated with any set of cards with straight numerical values (such as Take 6), you can play a substantially similar game with one deck of cards and some tokens. Play with 3 to 5 players, maybe 6.

Remove the J through A of each suit, leaving 36 cards, 2 through 10 in each suit. Shuffle and remove nine cards without looking at them. Give each player 11 tokens, as usual.

To play, the starting player flips up a card and either takes it and goes again, or puts a token onto it in which case it's now the next player's turn. The next player has the same option. When you decline to take a card, you add one of your tokens onto the card. When you take a card, you take all the tokens on the card along with the card, and then go again. If you have no tokens, you must take the card when it's your turn. Continue until all cards are taken.

Club cards are worth their value in points, diamonds their value + 10, hearts +20, and spades +30. Any chain of cards is worth the lowest card in the chain. A chain is a series of cards that descends in value as a straight flush, or as a kind, or as combinations of both. E.g. 9H-8H-8D-8C-7C-6C is a valid chain. You may assign your cards as you like at the end of the game, but any card can only be assigned to a single chain, and chains cannot branch.

Tokens you have remaining are subtracted from your score, as usual. Lowest total wins the game.


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