Friday, July 24, 2009

Blood and Fungus

Dropping books off at a book swap yesterday (nothing interesting to take in exchange, but I took three for appearance's sake), I found myself beside a blood drive, and so donated blood. I don't donate much blood; I used to have very low blood pressure, and giving blood would make me faint and woozy. But I've gained weight since then, so decided to give it another try. I now have 120/80 BP.

You know that instant of pain when the needle first pricks you, after which you don't really feel it? Well, the first of three workers stuck the needle in me and the pain didn't go away. For two minutes I felt pain like a knife cutting slowly through my skin. Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow.

First worker apologized and sent me to a different station to try the other arm. Second worker prepped me, and then got called away to assist someone who had fainted. Third worker then called me to his table, and everything proceeded as normal. Now I have bruising on the arm from which I didn't actually give blood.

Hope they actually can use the blood for some good.

Later in the evening I took Tal out to her favorite fast food chain: Tal Burgers. Being the Nine Days, we couldn't eat meat. I was less than thrilled with the server guy whose pants were down below his worn and sheer underwear; seeing him from behind, I decided not to order anything on a bun. We settled for salads with portabello mushrooms.

Obgaming: Tal, Rachel, and I played a Scrabble game without keeping score, which drove Rachel crazy. It plays very quickly.


gameguythinks said...

I've donated blood for years but every so often I have a similar experience. It is painful

Scrabble without scoring? Have you tried Bananagrams?

Yehuda said...

Yes, I've played Bananagrams, but I wanted to give Tal a little more time to think between words.