Monday, July 13, 2009

An Insurance Game Mechanic

1. The insurance company evaluates a stolen item as worth: N.

2. They pay us a value of: 4/5N*.

3. We buy a replacement item worth M.

3a. If M <= 4/5 N, we receive no additional payment. Net total received: 4/5N*.
3b. If 4/5N < M <= N, we receive an additional payment of (M - 4/5N). Net total received: M*.
3c. If N < M, we receive an additional payment of 1/5N. Net total received: N*.

*less D, the deductible.

There must be a game mechanic in there.


Mischa said...

I remember the old wag on life insurance:

"Life insurance is a bet you make with the insurance company. You're betting that you will die before they predict you will die. If you win, you lose and if you lose, you win."

Apologies to the original author.

thk123 said...

See I think that could actually work quite well in a game as you rarely stay dead.

Depending on how much you are prepared to pay, the punishment is less. It would be a way for pro players to raise the risks and rewards without screwing the newb.