Sunday, July 12, 2009

Scrabble and Dominion

Played one and a half games of Scrabble with Rachel. The first game I won with a late game bingo. It was pretty much tied up until then. The second game we were tied around mid-game when the lights went out.

Nadine came for lunch, as did Shachar and his mom. We taught him Dominion.

Our card set included several attack cards - Witch, Militia, Spy - and no defense cards - no Moat, no Renovate, no Chapel, no trashing of any kind. So our hands grew bulky and the game progressed slower than usual. I still thought it was a great game, Shachar really enjoyed his first play, but Nadine wants to ensure that we don't have that type of set, again.

I took an early Witch and used it to great effect. Nadine took one as well, but only got to use it twice. She went too early for the Duchys. Shachar used Spy well, which essentially replaces itself when played, but it wasn't super good. The only other extra action card was Festival Laboratory, and my hand didn't speed up until I took a bunch of them. I won due to most Provinces, a few Duchys, and a lack of curses.


Nadine said...

There weren't Festivals, you mean something else. I don't mind this set of cards in particular, I mind that I'm not playing well - I don't figure out a good strategy quickly enough. I didn't take any cards where you get more cards, one of my mistakes. I thought they'd be too hard to use without extra actions.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

The card with "+2 cards, +1 action".

Unknown said...

Your card is Laboratory.
Well, Witch is, in my opinion, the most powerful cards in Dominion. If you get to use it twice before any other player uses it, it will slow them down enough for you to win. In my opinion the only working defense against is to try and buy witches and give some of the curses to your opponents. Trashing/remodeling curse cards just don't work fast enough.